West Nipissing General Hospital

Ten students from Collège Boréal’s Health Career Exploration program came to tour the hospital to learn about careers available in the hospital setting.

This program, which is offered to 11th and 12th grade students in the region, allows those who participate to equip themselves with the tools and knowledge necessary to plan their personal development and path of study. Additionally, students receive one high school credit as well as a college credit for participating.

This tour, guided by Dr. Vaillancourt, covered several positions including CEO, physician, physician assistant, registered nurse, registered practical nurse, therapist at the Alliance Center, technician in pharmacy, medical laboratory technologist, radiology technologist, respiratory therapist, and paramedic.

These overviews were done by the personnel, often within their own department, where the individual described their career path and detailed a typical day’s work.

The students, with the supervision of Ginette Brouillette from Collège Boréal, were then able to ask specific questions about the skills needed for each position.

Several staff members had a point in common, many of them had done volunteer work in public health during high school. They then invited students to do the same since this kind of experience will allow them to better identify their interests.

It was a real pleasure to welcome these future public health workers to our hospital. We feel fortunate that our local youth have access to such a high-caliber program in our community.