West Nipissing General Hospital

Sturgeon Falls Caisse Populaire and Desjardins Financial Securities

On Monday, March 14th, 2016 the WNGH Foundation received a generous donation from the Sturgeon Falls Caisse Populaire and Desjardins Financial Securities in the amount of $10 000.This $10,000 kick-started the WNGH Foundation’s fundraising initiative to purchase a new digital X-Ray machine.

Annually, the WNGH performs approximately 10 000 X-ray procedures for patients of West Nipissing and surrounding areas. The new digital X-Ray machine will cost well over $300 000 to purchase, and is necessary to provide the utmost quality services to our patients and residents of the community. The digital X-Ray machine will have no cassettes, and therefore will eliminate time consuming steps to process images. The images produced are of high and optimal quality for viewing, and are ready within seconds. This new innovation in X-ray diagnostic technology will allow for earlier detection, diagnosis and treatment, as well as a lower dosage of radiation per X-ray. According to Cynthia Desormiers President & CEO, “the X-ray machine is long overdue and will maximize workflow efficiency, provide exceptional images and will replace our former Analog system. Over the upcoming months an RFP will be prepared and sent out based on best practices and input from our radiologist and DI team”.