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Health Records

Keeping your personal health information confidential is of the utmost importance at the West Nipissing General Hospital. The information documented in our centralized health record is compiled by healthcare professionals providing care and used for continuum of care throughout the organization.

Hours of operation: 0800 - 1600 hours Monday to Friday

Release of patient information:

An original consent from the patient or his/her legal representative is required to release personal health information. The consent must be directed to the Health Records Department of the West Nipissing General Hospital, witnessed and dated within 60 days. The consent must identify specifically the visit or clinical information to be released.

For your information, the current fee schedule is as follows: (Policy # 750.03)

Patient's own record

25.00 + 3.25 HST = 28.25 Total

Time of birth

40.00 + 5.20 HST = 45.20 Total

The basic fee allows 10 photocopied documents. Any additional photocopies are billed at 50 cents/copy.

For information about accessing your personal health information, please contact the Coordinator of Health Records or delegate at 753-3110, ext. 249.

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