West Nipissing General Hospital

Every ticket you buy in the WNGHF 50/50 Raffle funds the purchase of vital medical equipment for the West Nipissing General Hospital. Since the program began in 2021, thousands of dollars in equipment have been purchased for our hospital. It’s important to us that our supporters know where this money is spent. The below details the comprehensive list of equipment funded through the 50/50 program.

New AccuVein Finder Improves Patient Experience in the Emergency Department

Thanks to your support of the WNGHF 50/50 Raffles, the Emergency Department received a new AccuVein Finder. This specialized piece of equipment projects a green image of the patient’s superficial veins, which allows nursing staff to choose the best site for an IV or blood draw, improves first stick success, helps to preserve vein health and improves the patient experience.

Margarette Shields, RN, says the AccuVein Finder is easy to use, works on all skin types and all ages, so this equipment is a benefit for all our staff and community.

New Defibrillator Helps Save Lives in the Endoscopy Department

The proceeds from the 50/50 raffles allowed us to purchase a brand new defibrillator for our Endoscopy Department. This live-saving piece of equipment reads and interprets hearth rhythms, delivers a shock to the heart when needed, and assists the interdisciplinary team in delivering the best compressions during a serious cardiac situation.

Dr. Vaillancourt, Emergency Department physician, says that your continued support of the WNGH Foundation helps purchase essential medical equipment, like the defibrillator, for our hospital, which in turn allows the medical team to save live.

New CADD Pump Improves Pain Management and Palliative Care in the NCU

Your support of the 50/50 raffles allowed the WNGH Foundation to purchase a new CADD pump for the Nursing Care and Complex Continuing Care Units. This pump delivers subcutaneous medication to patients at a set dose and rate. Additional doses may be administers to ease break-through discomfort as needed.

Erin Mathias, RPN, and Celine St-Pierre, Pharmacist, explain that this helps prevent frequent injections for medication administration. This pump is simple and easy to use and is great for pain management and palliative care.

New MaxiMove Lift Improves Lifts & Transfers in LTC

The Long-Term Care unit received a new Maxi-Move Patient Lift thanks to the funding from the Foundation’s 50/50 raffles. We now have three maxi-move lifts in total, so there is a lift for each hallway. This means staff do not have to go as far to get a lift to transfer residents in and out of bed.

Cailin Vince, Clinical Education and Team Leader, and Leslene Hardware, PSW, explain that the lift came with a special power bar attachment which has improved occupational health and safety as staff no longer have to manually sit residents upwards when transferring them into their wheelchairs.

To see the full list of equipment funded by the Foundation 50/50 raffles, click here.