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Declaration of Values


As someone accessing services at the West Nipissing General Hospital, I expect:

  • To be acknowledged as a unique person.
  • To receive quality care in the language of my choice.
  • To be treated with respect, compassion, integrity and dignity.
  • To receive information to allow me, or my substitute decision maker (SDM), to make an informed decision regarding treatment.
  • To participate in the decision process regarding my plan of care.
  • To have access to my personal health information.
  • To ensure my personal health information is kept confidential as per legislative requirement.
  • To be provided with the means to express concerns and receive feedback in a positive environment.
  • To ensure accessibility measures are in place.
  • To be informed of any additional cost incurred during my stay/visit.
  • To be respectful of hospital property and staff and observe Hospital rules and regulations.


Developed during Community Engagement sessions in West Nipissing - 2011.


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