West Nipissing General Hospital

Please note that our Covid-19 Assessment Centre will be moving on January 3, 2023.

Today marks the final day of the site visit by surveyors from Accreditation Canada, an organization that assesses health care organizations such as hospitals against standards of excellence to identify strengths and opportunities.

The hospital has spent the last number of months preparing for this assessment, with key personnel such as Sandra Lacoursière leading the charge …

The WNGH prides itself on focusing on improving the quality and well-being of its patients.

To this effect, a tree was recently erected in the Long-Term Care (LTC) Department to exemplify some of the quality improvement successes and possibilities for future growth.

With feedback from the residents, their families, and WNGH staff, each leaf in the tree …

4th Annual Sharps Buyback Campaign

The West Nipissing General Hospital’s Alliance Centre, in collaboration with the Horizon Women’s Centre, hosted the 4th Annual Sharps Buyback Campaign this past November.

For every 100 sharps returned, individuals received a $5 gift card for use at No Frills or Giant Tiger.

The Alliance Centre’s Needle Exchange Program saw 54 visits and …