West Nipissing General Hospital

Executive Summary

Strategic management is the highest level of strategy in an organization and is also the broadest. Strategic management gives direction to the corporate mission, vision, values and culture. Strategic management and a strategic plan will guide formation, implementation and evaluation of decision making that will enable the West Nipissing General Hospital to grow and achieve its objectives. Strategic planning and management is an ongoing process that assess the business that the West Nipissing General Hospital should be involved in; assesses its competition and set goals and strategies to meet all existing and potential competition. The West Nipissing General Hospital strategic planning retreat facilitated a review of our present situation, our future situation and the strategic goals and objectives. This plan will set out a new path for the West Nipissing General Hospital with a vision and mission that is in keeping with the needs of the residents of West Nipissing and will provide direction for the organization.

2019-2024 Strategic Plan