West Nipissing General Hospital

Welcome to the West Nipissing General Hospital

Healthcare leadership and excellent patient and family care are my passions. I believe that by providing a positive and appreciative work environment, we create a hospital at which our patients and their families can have the most welcoming and best quality care experience.

I am a proud and involved northerner. From Northeastern Ontario, I bring my hospital, community and post-secondary education sector experience. I value volunteerism and have contributed on numerous boards, as a community member of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine’s Governance Committee, and as long-time member of The Canadian College of Health Leaders national ethics committee and local chapters.

I am thrilled to continue to build strong partnerships in West Nipissing, within and beyond the health and social services sectors.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to lead our amazing West Nipissing General Hospital team, and to contribute to our community’s and region’s wellbeing.

Your comments and questions are greatly appreciated. Please feel free to contact us by email: administration@wngh.ca or 705-753-3110, ext. 316.

Best Regards,

President & Chief Executive Officer