West Nipissing General Hospital

A Note From Our Chief Of Staff

Thank you for visiting our website. We are very proud of our Hospital and try to provide a level of service not found in larger centres. We understand that our patients are people first. They help teach our children, fix our leaky pipes, and often, are simply our neighbours and friends. One quickly learns that everyone in West Nipissing is part of our global community and dependent on each other.

For physicians, working in a small hospital can be challenging. Some specialists such as plastic surgeons and some diagnostic tests such as MRI scans are not as readily available. Yet, the rewards are great; because there are fewer physicians, your influence on the community is greater and your efforts do not go unnoticed.

Every physician who has worked in our community is remembered and appreciated for their dedication and commitment to the health of our community.

We hope that you visit our municipality and experience the benefits of working in a community hospital.

Chief of Staff