West Nipissing General Hospital


  1. Jamie Restoule – Chair
  2. Fern Crepeau – Treasurer
  3. Renée Ragnitz
  4. Daniel Richard
  5. Eric Stevens – Nipissing First Nations
  6. Christopher Wielusiewicz
  7. Robert Sutherland
  8. Collin Bourgeois
  9. Barry Bertrand
  10.  Sue LeBeau – Secretary, President & Chief Executive Officer
  11. Dr Ben Lalonde – Chief of Staff
  12. Jennifer Moore- Chief Nursing Executive
  13. Steffi Wittmaack – Chief Financial Officer
  14. Dr. Yves Vaillancour – President of the Professional Staff

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Message from the chair

The West Nipissing General Hospital is dedicated to providing health care services that are consistent with the needs of our community. It is the Hospital’s mission to commit, in cooperation with our regional partners, to the responsible delivery of exceptional health care by addressing the dynamic challenges of our diverse community.

The West Nipissing General Hospital is first, and foremost, a community resource. A voluntary Board of Directors governs the Hospital on behalf of the community. The Board is responsible for providing strategic leadership to the Hospital by establishing and regularly reviewing the vision, mission and core values. The Board is also responsible for making sure that the Hospital meets the health care needs of the community within the resources that are available to provide services. Our Board members bring a wide range of skills and experience to their leadership role. The Board includes representatives from communities that make up the municipality of West Nipissing.

West Nipissing General Hospital, Chair


Corporate and Professional Staff By-Laws 2021